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Baby Teeth and Sugar

All parents want the best for their child, but its easier said than done. Many foods contain a ton of sugar and can affect your child’s oral health negatively. You might be wondering why sugar damages teeth and if it has extra effects on baby teeth.

It has commonly been said that tooth decay is caused by sugar. Technically, cavities are caused by bacteria, not sugar. The bacteria in your mouth feed on consumed sugar and create acids that cause tooth decay and cavities. Both adults and children can get cavities. When tooth decay becomes more severe, the affected tooth commonly must be removed by a dentist. Baby teeth get replaced by permanent teeth and stay in a child’s mouth until they come out on their own naturally. Baby teeth keep space open for permanent teeth to come in. If a child loses a baby tooth too soon, the other baby teeth can easily move into the space, preventing permanent teeth from coming in correctly. 

Sugar wont harm your child’s health if it consumed in moderation. You don’t have to cut it out completely. But you can lower your child’s sugar intake a little at a time and promote a healthier smile while lowering their risk for obesity and diabetes. Some things that you can do to help prevent tooth decay on your child’s teeth are avoiding sticky sweets, replacing sugar with alternatives like xylitol, not giving them sugar at bedtime, and limiting snacks full of carbohydrates. Sticky sweets stay on your child’s teeth and make it more likely for acid to be produced by the harmful sugar feeding bacteria. A lot of sugary foods today can be replaced by foods that contain sugar alternatives. Xylitol is one of them and is found in a lot of things and can enhance your dental health. Eating foods that are sweet regularly can increase the risk of tooth decay, so limiting sugar to mealtimes only is a good way to allow less sugar to sit on your child’s teeth. When you put your child to bed with food or a bottle, it exposes your child’s mouth to sugar during the nighttime while they sleep. Limiting snacks that are full of carbohydrates, such as crackers and chips, will help promote a healthy mouth. These types of snacks have high amounts of sugar and stick to the teeth easily.

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