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Signs of Chipped Teeth in Children

Active toddlers and children often stumble on the floor, ending-up with broken teeth, which can cause emergent dental visits. Falling while trying to walk can also cause children to be prone to accidents and lead to losing or chipping of teeth. A parent needs to see whether the chipped or broken tooth is for a primary or permanent tooth. In such a situation, visiting a dentist is often recommended to ensure that the child is safe and cared for properly. However, if the broken or chipped tooth is a primary tooth, the following necessary steps should be taken to prevent further damage.

  1. Washing the child’s mouth with cold water to reduce swelling could be helpful. People often apply a cold compress so that the redness is reduced, and further damage is prevented.
  2. In case the damage is severe, then immediate dental care is advised. In case of heavy breathing, the child must be immediately rushed to the hospital.
  3. The broken chip of tooth must be recovered to ensure that the child has not swallowed it. If the chip is not found in case, then the parent must ensure that the child is breathing properly if it was accidentally swallowed.

Problems in Case of Broken Teeth

  • In the case of a severe problem, immediate dental care is advised. The child must be rushed to a dentist who can provide proper treatment. Experienced pediatric dentist in Coral Gables often suggests that if the broken chip is small, then a resin filling is a preferred treatment. However if the chip is too large, and most of the part of the tooth is scraped off, then a steel satin crown or a white covered crown is suggested.
  • Other problems are common in the case of a broken tooth. Often, the tooth’s roots are exposed wherein a dentist provides a pulp therapy similar to a root canal treatment for children. Further, a satin steel crown is affixed, preventing the child infection from spreading. The children dentists in Doral has been offering these services with promising results.
  • In case the tooth is broken at the gum line, then the dentist will often extract the tooth completely, thereby preventing further damage. If a primary tooth is chipped, our dentist will often apply a space maintainer allowing space for the permanent tooth to grow. The parent needs to provide all the information possible about the accident and what actions were taken to enable us to provide the best treatment possible.
  • Preparing your child for dental treatment for a chipped or broken tooth is of the utmost importance. Children might feel anxious while getting a tooth extracted; therefore, making them feel comfortable is necessary. Sedation is carried out to ensure that the child remains calm throughout the process.

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