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When Should a Child be Allowed to Brush Alone?

Brushing teeth independently and without parents’ guidance is often considered a moment of achievement for kids. However, this has a few disadvantages, as well. As a parent, one must assist their children while they brush their teeth for a longer period untill the time the kids are well-acquainted with all the intricacies of the process. Tooth decay and infections are common dental complications in children and can occur due to several reasons. Tooth cavities are often hidden and cannot be spotted. Hence, parents often feel surprised when a dentist suggests that their child has a tooth cavity.

Here are some suggestions for worrying parents to follow to ensure proper oral health care is followed:

  • Even with taking proper dental care of the child, tooth cavities and other infections are still an often unavoidable problem. Hence, parents are advised to assist their children until they are six years or older and watch them while they brush their teeth.
  • Brushing requires proper movement of the bristles along with directions and angels in the mouth. It is a myth that brushing is an easy task, and children can do it themselves. However, the truth is that children do not possess manual dexterity and fail to move their brushes properly.
  • Allowing children to brush their teeth themselves while further brushing them again can be helpful. Educating children about the importance of proper brushing and dental care can make a big difference in helping them understand its importantce.
  • For children of older age groups, supervision is advised, and teaching the correct movement of the brush is also helpful. Pediatrics in Doral suggest that teaching children the correct brushing methods at a young age is essential. 

Parents must teach their children the act of brushing correctly and how it can improve their dental systems in a longer run. Here are a few tips for parents by children dentist in Doral as well as Pediatric dentists in Coral Gobles to teach their children how to brush correctly.

  1. Children often consider brushing as a boring task. Therefore, to make it interesting for children, parents can opt for creative toothbrushes with their favorite cartoon characters on it. However, the brush must be of good quality to provide exceptional dental care to children. Buying a good quality toothpaste can also make a difference. Toothpaste with good taste is the best option for children. However, parents must make sure that children must not swallow the toothpaste while brushing.
  2. Teaching children about the correct angle and direction of brushing is important. Children must know how to brush at 45, and 90 degrees is best for healthy teeth and gums.
  3. Brushing the teeth can eliminate the bacteria hidden in different places and help remove food chips left behind after eating. Therefore, educating the children about the proper bristle movement is important.
  4. Since brushing is often seen as a boring task, children fail to brush their teeth for the correct period. Brushing for at least two minutes is advisable.

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