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Importance of Personal Oral Hygiene for Children and Families

Hygiene and health are two interconnected terms that together assist us in overcoming several illnesses and diseases. Maintaining good hygiene every day is a key step in remaining untouched by the hundreds of infections out there. Moreover, it is important to educate children about personal hygiene from an incredibly young age, so that once they grow up, they could benefit from it effectively. Personal cleanliness is, therefore, considered as one of the most effective methods of in oral hygiene education. Pediatrics in Coral Gobles has years of experience in educating children about proper hygiene.

Here are some short steps which could be followed to ensure your child is maintaining sound personal hygiene: 

Washing Hands at Regular Intervals

Washing hands at a regular interval is one of the basic steps for maintaining hygiene. Educating children to wash their hands after eating, coming from outside, and any other activity is essential. Children must be taught to wash their hands after they blow their nose, play in the dirt or at a playground, play with their pets, and before eating. Moreover, washing hands for at least 15 seconds is recommended. Washing not only removes germs from hands but prevents them from going inside the body while eating.

Bathing Regularly

Bathing is another way of maintaining personal hygiene and must be carried out every day. The germs that are not visible with the naked eyes get stuck to the bodies; therefore, removing them is of key importance. Advising children to bath regularly with good quality bathing products is vital. Not only does this remove germs from delicate areas of the body but it also helps in removing body odor. Teaching children to stay clean throughout the day is important in maintaining total body health.

Taking Care of the Feet and Nails

Toddlers often attract a lot of germs while playing around or rolling on the floor. As a result, their feet and nails get dirty easily. Not only do they get dirty but also attract several germs, which can turn into infections if left untouched. Hence, cleaning the feet and nails at regular intervals is vital. Nails must of appropriate size and must be clipped regularly. The best time for clipping nails is when they are tender and soft. Therefore, it is advisable to cut nails after a shower.

Importance of Good Dental Health

Dental health is a prime factor in determining good personal hygiene. Dental hygiene ensures that harmful bacteria and acids are removed from the teeth. Moreover, one’s smile is significant, but people can easily lose their self-esteem with stained teeth. Therefore, educating children about the importance of dental hygiene is of upmost importance.

Here are a few steps in which good dental health can be established in children:

  • Brushing teeth at regular intervals for a defined span of time is important. Parents must teach their children to brush in the correct manner to prevent bacterial infections and tooth decay.
  • Rinsing the mouth after eating or drinking anything can also flush bacteria and food particles out. The children dentists in Doral suggests using an anti-bacterial mouthwash.
  • Visiting a good pediatric dentist to monthly check-ups and cleanings can help find hidden dental issues that would get more harmful in the future.

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