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A Short Guide to Build and Maintain Strong Teeth

Maintaining healthy gums and building strong teeth is important at any age and especially for those of children. This is due to the fact that children and adults consume a variety of food items that leave an excessive amount of acid and bad bacteria in the mouth. While this will surely affect people of all ages, it is more apparent in children because they might not have good dental hygiene practices developed yet. 

Either way, these eating habits can affect the teeth and deprive children of a confident smile. Moreover, lacking good breath can also lower self-esteem. Quick and reliable solutions must be offered to help prevent dental decay and infections. Educating children about the important role of oral care from a young age can help reinforce the importance of dental health in later years.

Here is a short list of practices which can help in building and maintaining strong teeth in children: 

Brushing at Regular Intervals

Many individuals have made it a practice to brush their teeth every day at regular intervals. However, have you ever wondered about how long one must brush their teeth? Children dentist in Coral Gables suggests that children and adults must not rush while brushing their teeth. Teaching children to brush in all directions while simultaneously oscillating the brush at different angles can help prevent infectious tooth decays later in life. Brushing your teeth at the correct pace can attack hidden bacteria in the mouth, thus, prevent plague or other oral diseases.  

Usage of Proper Dental Products

Buying proper and good quality dental products for children can make a difference too. Using the right brush and toothpaste can help in preventing dental complications. Reading out the ingredients of toothpaste or a mouth wash can also help exlain why and how dental products work which the dedicated professionals at Petite Smiles are more than happy to help. Hence, choosing the right products early can create good habits for the future.

Floss at Regular Intervals

Flossing is often ignored by people since they fail to release how important it is. Teaching children to floss regularly, along with brushing, can bring extensive improvement in children’s dental health while allowing them to maintain strong and healthy teeth. Renowned pediatric dentist in Coral Gables suggests that flossing holds wider importance than regular brushing. This is because it helps remove the plaque from hard to reach areas, where the regular brush cannot reach. 

Prevent Damage Caused by Grinding Teeth

Children often have a habit of grinding their teeth, which causes damage over time. Teeth grinding, in turn, increases tooth sensitivity, allowing the possibility of further tooth decay or infections. Hence, parents are always advised to seek professional help in addressing the issue of teeth grinding in children. Doing so will help in preventing infections caused by bacteria building in the small nicks of the teeth.

The first step in getting good oral care for your child starts with consulting a great dentist. Meeting with a dentist regularly is one of the best ways to maintain strong and healthy teeth. Dental cleanings and check-ups at the office are provided to educate children of oral dental hygiene habits and the importance of healthy gums. Parents must pay attention to children’s dental requirements before it becomes irreparable as the child grows up.

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