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Gummy Candy Effects On Teeth

What’s not to love about gummy candies? They are sweet, small, colorful, and come in a variety of different flavors and shapes. However, gummy candies and gummy vitamins are a poor choice when it comes to your teeth.

When your child eats gummy candies, the bacteria found in their mouth go to work right away by setting off a chemical reaction. This chemical reaction turns the sugars in the gummies into an acid that eats away at their tooth enamel called demineralization and eventually leads to cavities. Since gummy candies stick to your children’s teeth, it prevents saliva from contacting the area so remineralization can’t occur. When a child eats a gummy bear, in acidic pocket is created between their teeth and the saliva can’t neutralize acids and naturally defend them, speeding up enamel breakdown. When the enamel is broken down, this causes more than just cavities. Your child’s teeth are more prone to crack or chip when they lack enamel. Enamel insulates their tooth and when its gone, it is gone for good. When their enamel is gone, your child’s teeth can become sensitized to cold and hot foods and beverages. If your child has a dental crown, they should avoid eating gummy candies because they can stick to the crown and make it loose, which would result in a trip to the pediatric dentist. You might think a gummy vitamin is different and healthier, but the truth is that they contain 4-7 times more sugar than a regular multivitamin does.

There are some healthier options that you can choose from and skip having your child eat gummy candy all together. Chocolate is one of them believe it or not. It is one of the best candy options for your child’s teeth. Dark chocolate is even better than milk or white chocolate. There have been several studies that have shown that dark chocolate fights tooth decay and plaque better than fluoride does. Another healthy alternative for your child’s teeth are candies that contain Xylitol. Xylitol is a sugar replacement and is in a lot of lollipops, gum, and other candies. The bacteria in their mouth don’t recognize xylitol. As a result, they won’t attack it and turn it into acid like they do when sugars enter their mouth. Eating candy that melts quickly is also a better alternative to gummy candies because since they melt faster, they exposure your child’s teeth to harmful sugars less.

You child doesn’t have to avoid eating gummy candies completely. They can still enjoy their favorite treats if they enjoy them responsibly and in moderation. Eating them over an extended period keeps an ongoing supply of acid around in their mouth that eat away at your enamel. After your child enjoys a treat, just brush their teeth, drink water, or use mouthwash afterwards to rid their mouth of the acids created from the sugars and prevent their teeth from becoming losing enamel, forming cavities, and resulting in an expensive visit to the pediatric dentist.

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